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Our festival is all about enjoying the beautiful Savannah and the arts. Each year we try hard to make the best out of our festival and we have a lot of help in the process. If you have ever thought that organizing any event is easy, you are wrong. Organizing anything is hard, even the easiest things like a movie night with more than three people. So, you can only imagine how complicated it was to organize an event for more than thousands of people from Savannah and visitors from all over Georgia and rest of the US. Each time we speak to a friend we always here one question; how do you do it? And here it is, our audience. Here is a story behind the festival, a story about how we organize this entire magical experience and how we deliver it to you.  We hope this will finally clarify the whole process of organization and that you will give our dear sponsors attention because without them it would not be possible to represent dance studios, solo artists, bands and other local performers from all over Georgia and other parts of the US.

Top Moving Company in Savannah, Statesboro, Valdosta

When you organize a festival, it is not as easy as organizing some other type of event. Some events you can go and hold it step by step; 1. The grand opening, 2. Preformer A, 3. Preformer B, 4. Dinner, 5. Leaving.  Festivals aren’t as robotic as that, that could be both good and bad.  In one way, it would make everything easier because we would have everything planned step by step. No serious changes of scenario would happen, and everyone would know where they have to be, how long and when they have to finish. On the other hand, it would simply not be us. We like the freedom of compromises, changes, and last-minute including. Our free-organization gives us an entirely new experience.  Each year, we have to bring something new to our audience, and we try hard to do so. We want to surprise our dear visitors, and we want to hear the words such as „amazing,“ „Oh my God,“ „I can’t believe it“ when people are going through the exit.

Top Moving Company in Savannah, Statesboro, Valdosta


This year we’ve done an incredible job choosing the perfect singers, bands, and dancers. Our teams and staff have outstood themselves. We are so proud of our volunteers and thankful forever for the commitment and dedication they showed throughout the entire process of organizing Savannah Voices Festival. We were able to get in touch with some of the big musicians and dancers, and when it comes to the content- we rocked it. However, the way to success wasn’t as easy.

Organizing a meeting is one thing; ten chairs, one board and some pens and papers. Hosting a music/art festival is another; huge stereos, microphones, lights, all the equipment needed, fences for the crowds, electronic equipment and so on. It is a whole new level of complexity.  Last year we had problems with moving all those things as well as installing the constructions. That’s why we had to let go of our previous moving company and we were in search of the right one. Luckily, one of our collaborates recommended us the top moving company in Savannah.

At first we were not really amazed at the idea but, hey, we had approximately 350 pounds to move in a week. So, we decided to give them a shot. They were all we ever wanted. Our performers were extremely cautious and told us to be careful with the equipment about 100 times. We know from experience that not everything can be moved successfully because the equipment is sensitive and fragile. However, we were surprised to see that all of the fragile things were properly put together and secured. We can honestly say that we’ve never had such a comfortable ride from place A to place B. Our electronics arrived safely and everyone was satisfied. That’s why we asked the movers to move our structural things for building as well. They’ve done an amazing job with that as well!

With all of this said, we are so thankful to all of our sponsors for supporting us and helping us. We are so happy that we partnered with them and they were  part of our adventures and we can’t wait for the next year to make and even better and more exciting festival!


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