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Since our festival is held in Savannah, the only appropriate thing to do would be to write something about Savannah. So, here we are being fair. A home to our festival is a home to many other amazing attractions and places to be, places to see. We are sure that you already know about the great history of this city, it’s one of the America’s richest cities when it comes to its history. So, that’s why we are not going to discuss it. What we are, however, going to tackle is what to do. Where to spend your free time, where to eat, the people of Savannah, the culture and so on. Since there are many things that make this city special, we obviously can’t mention all of them; we are going to focus on other festivals and famous restaurants or interesting places. We hope you’ll enjoy our little guide through Savannah.


Except for the amazing architecture and history, Savannah offers a wide range of cultural events all throughout the year. No matter if you are interested in book festival, music festival or dance festival, have no fear; there’s something for everybody.

The Savannah Book Festival

Each year on the President’s Day weekend, a number of authors, editors, and publishers gather in the Telfair and Wright Squares for an annual book festival. Each year over 35 contemporary authors discuss literature and hold speeches and presentations. It’s inevitable event for book-warms.

Savannah Ballet Theatre

Even though it’s a theater and an organization, Savannah Ballet Theatre became a city’s largest dance company and holds big events on a monthly basis. They often do guest appearances and performances for other events around the city.

The Coastal Jazz Association

An association which presents many different jazz performances and promotes jazz artists from all over the States. It’s also responsible for organizing an annual Savannah Jazz Festival.

Savannah Music Festival

Due to the artists that come to perform and the big audience it gathers, SMF became very appreciated in the U.S. and also highly popular and recognizable around the Globe. It’s one of the Savannah’s biggest annual attractions.


There are many different places where you can taste amazing food in Savannah. Many restaurants offer different types of food; there is Mexican, Asian, traditional southern kitchen and so on. Here are some of the best-rated restaurants in Savannah.


A southern specialty that is offered by many Savannah restaurants is a pimento sandwich. Now, even though you can walk into any bar and get this one, we recommend you walk into the Gryphon restaurant and order this sandwich. Except for the amazing taste, it also looks great.

Alligator Soul

If you are into exotic food, make sure you visit the Alligator Soul. In this little exotic food heaven, you can find all types of meals one example bison or oyster made in many different ways. You can spice up your dinner with a specially made cocktail.

Joe’s Homemade Caffe

If you want a little break in your Savannah tour, visit this little place. Here you can grab one of the finest cups of coffee and eat a small brunch.


What we must mention are the people here in Savannah, GA. They make this place special. The spirit and kindness of everyone working in a costumers sector is enchanting.  People and in general the culture of Savannah have a positive and warm vibe. Even in the most critical situation people in here stay polite and composed. We at the #1 roofing contractors Savannah GA,  are sure you’ll enjoy your visit!

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