We worked hard to achieve an unforgettable and full experience and an adventure for our visitors.
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There are multiple ways in which you can support our project that is a result of hard work by a small group of people. All these ways are appreciated equally and help us produce even more quality content for our visitors.

What can you do ?

Of course, we are aware that to step up our game, we need money.  If you decide to donate a certain amount of money to our organization, you help us increase the overall quality and feel of the Savannah GA Voices Festival.  We could use the money to do business with more famous artists and bands, it could help us do a better promotion of our projects all around the States, we could hire more employees and expand our service, the offer of food and drinks on our festivals could be wider. Simply said; money is needed for a better experience. It allows us to get our hands on quality equipment on example good stereos and cameras. We could get a proper media coverage and so on. If you decide to invest or sponsor us in any way, we would be thankful for the moon and back, and we would do a great job at promoting your services as well.

There is, of course, another way you can help our Savannah-based festival to grow. We are always in search for volunteers who could help us during the festival days. We need you to our ticket register, at our food and beverages tents, as helpers behind the scenes. There are also physical jobs that you can help us with on example; installation of a stage and heavy equipment. Also, there are other pre-festival activities you can get involved in; such as fundraising or booking.


Our festival allows you to be active in many different ways. It’s also a great opportunity to those of you who want to work in this industry in the future.  You can profit a lot from us, just as we can from you; no matter if you are a volunteer or a sponsor.

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